Stinson’s specializes in delivering quality flooring installation, tile installation, cabinets, laminate countertops and window treatments for our residential builders located throughout central Florida.

We take a comprehensive approach as we serve our residential builder partners by providing full-service project oversight well before we install our finishing trade products. We provide value to our partners by monitoring each project stage from permit issue through the closing of designated lots. Stinson’s values our relationships and strives to not only offer quality installation of our products, but also partner to offer recommendations on quality materials, utilize buying power to offer excellent pricing, work in conjunction with various trades successfully on each job site and provide excellent service as punch and warranty issues arise.

We currently serve our builder partners through our Lakeland, Tampa and Wildwood Florida locations. At Stinson’s we provide a personalized touch at every step of your project from project estimation, on-site field supervision, on site field measures, purchasing, flexible scheduling, installation, and billing with all of our team members ready to assist and answer any questions throughout each project.

Partnership with every project, every step of the way and well after installation is complete
Product knowledge and recommendations

Competitive pricing
Quality Workmanship

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